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Time Capsule Found By Couple Remodeling Their Bathroom

I have to share this! There’s so much emotion behind this story. I believe a couple in California found this time capsule while remodeling and renovating their bathroom. Quick disclaimer: I’m NOT a reporter, I haven’t interviewed ANYONE on this story or anything of the sort. I ran into this piece of news on Facebook and I simply wanted to share it in our blog. The source for the video below comes from ABC 13 Eyewitness News. We ALL love good stories and I’m helping spread the love! I’ve done my best to credit all the resources I came across.

Here’s the video I found and mentioned above, again courtesy of ABC 13 Eyewitness News channel.

Can you believe this? More than 20 years ago a couple decided to do their bathroom remodeling. Specifically during the summer of 1995! That’s my High School year.. Oh I feel old now.

I’m assuming, before the walls went up, they decided to write a simple note and placed their photo along with their rabbit, only to be discovered in the future. Twenty plus years later. That is awesome. I’m sure you and I are wondering the same things right now; so where is this couple today? Are they still together? Is the rabbit still alive? And I can’t help thinking why it took 20+ years to renovate this bathroom. They and all other owners must have done a great job at maintaining the bathroom in good shape, modern, clean and away from major repairs.

See, a job well done, in this case a bathroom remodel, can last a long time when done correctly. By the way if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom give our team a call for a free estimate. Be sure to also visit our bathrooms Pinterest page where we’ll be uploading more photos of awesome renovation projects here in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

I don’t know that we’ll get the answers to those questions, but this is a great story nevertheless. If you know more about this story please share the details with us, we’d love to hear them!

Until the next time awesome home owners! 

an hour glass with red sand to emphasize a hidden message found by a couple remodeling their bathroom

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