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What ever you do, don’t hire the wrong Roofing Company! That’s all we ask. This is a huge investment for you and your family, and there things you just cannot do without. Make sure you hire a professional roofing company that will stand behind their work, offer the proper warranty and explain every step of the roof replacement or roof installation process. By the way, if you’re only looking for roof repair services please visit that page, we’d love to help.

Of course reliability, great references and a long history of successful roof replacement jobs are a must. As roofing contractors this is our number one focus. 

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Is integrity important to you? We can’t tell you how many awful jobs we have seen out there. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be replacing your roof every other year so please take the time to do it correctly by exercising due diligence. Work with a company that is properly licensed, capable and has the proper resources to perform a quality roof installation.

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You’re most likely considering hiring a local roofing company, but have you thought about why? A few of the reasons are that a local company will have (and should have) a strong local reputation. Another important reason is that a local contractor will understand all the local building codes and regulations that specifically pertain to your residential area (i.e. city, county, state etc).

Another thing customers don’t typically consider or work into their roof replacement plan, is “resale value”. Have you thought about selling the house 5 to 10 years from now? How will a new roof play into that? We love asking these types of questions because our goal ultimately is to really understand what our customers long-term objectives are – even if they haven’t thought about it.

What about energy efficiency, what effect will your new roof have there? Dark colors versus lighter colors, types and styles. Do you really want an unlicensed contractor to handle your roof work? These are just many of the questions you must ask. Replacing your roof is not something you can outsource to anybody and merely hope that things will be ok.

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Put the right roof over your family

You just never know when a strong wind or storm will pass by the Washington DC metropolitan area. Protect your family. Protect your home. It all starts by having a strong quality roof over your heads.

Roofing Choices and Styles

Take your time. There are so many roofing styles to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. We work closely with each of our clients to make sure you select what’s right for you.

Most homes in America for instance have an asphalt shingle roof, which come in a vast variety of colors and styles. This option provides great long-lasting quality as well as great design matching alternatives (you want everything on the exterior of the house to be consistent from a design stand point – to have it all tie-in if you will). Will this be the right choice for your house? Do you have a more modern home wit a flat roof? Or do you prefer a more customized designer style roof, with more intricacies, turns, and such?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Schedule your free roof estimate now simply by filling the form above or by calling (703) 827-3778