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Experiencing a leak in your basement possibly due to a foundation failure?


Foundation Leak Repairs

Foundation Repairs +Basement Leaks

Are you experiencing a water leak in basement wall? Do you have basement water damage? Are you aware of a foundation repair that needs to be fixed? We’re a local foundation repair company and we’d love to help.

We understand how frustrating and difficult it is to deal with a foundation leak problem at home. Entire basements flooded! Furniture ruined. Carpet destroyed, yes we know. Even small leaks are complicated to deal with.

Our team of experts in basement foundation repairs is ready to help. Simply fill out the form above or to the right of this page, and we’ll schedule one of our team members to come out and take a look. It is critical when you have a leak in your basement to perform an inspection and determine the root cause of the leak (or leaks).

If your home is located in Washington DC, surrounding Maryland cities or Northern Virginia, one of our technicians can usually come out the next day or the following day. Our office is located in Falls Church Virginia, right next to Tysons Corner, so we have fast access to 495, 66 and 267 towards Herndon, Reston and Chantilly Virginia.

Foundation Repairs in Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC

Damage to your home’s foundation can be a result of poor planning during your home’s construction, drainage problems, plumbing, and weather conditions over years. These can result in your foundation settling, causing the soil to weaken which can make it unable to support your home.  21 Century Services will work with you every step of the way to guide you through  your home’s foundation solution. 

Our foundation experts offer full residential service to the Washington DC Metro area, as well as Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Herndon, Manassas, Ashburn, Sterling, Springfield, and Falls Church in Virginia; Gaithersburg,  Rockville, and Bethesda in Maryland.

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What causes a leak in a basement?

Water seeping into the basement is not uncommon unfortunately, specially after a severe storm. There are of course several different reasons that can cause a basement to flood. A very common one, is a failure in the “drainage system” combined with the “weak spots” in your basement. What does this mean?

The drainage system is first built with the home’s foundation and construction. It’s purpose is to essentially “drain” the water around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. Rain water tends to collect around the exterior base of the home, and this system creates a safe path for water to drain without trying to come into the house. 

Overtime unfortunately, this drainage system can begin to fail as it starts to clog. The key thing to remember here is “clog”. If this happens and we’re hit with severe rain storms, the water starts to buildup around the perimeter with nowhere to escape, creating pressure at the same time. This particular pressure is known as hydrostatic.

So t
he water collected there will start to push into the weak spots of the basement foundation, walls and floors. Water can always find a way in under these kinds of circumstances.

This issue as mentioned is typical for the most part on older homes. If your house is fairly new, you shouldn’t have this issue (unless something unexpectedly failed). Either way, finding the source of the basement leak is critical and I would add, time sensitive. Getting the leak fixed, even more so.

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Foundations in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

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  • Plumbing Leaks
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We also proudly serve the entire Washington DC greater metro area, including Maryland and cities like Rockville MD, Gaithersburg MD, Bethesda, Silver Spring MD, Chevy Chase MD, Potomac MD.