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Top 10 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

The average homeowner doesn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about the condition of their home’s foundation or care to check it once in a while.

But the foundation of a home is obviously one of the most important parts of it. If the foundation isn’t strong enough or has developed cracks over time, it could lead to all kinds of potential problems in other areas of the home, including water leaks that can inundate your basement!

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for monitoring the condition of your foundation by inspecting it on your own from time to time. You’re also in charge of looking out for signs that’ll show that you need to have foundation repair done right away.

You shouldn’t ever, under any circumstances, attempt to repair your foundation by yourself. But you should be prepared to call on a professional home remodeling company at the first sign of foundation troubles.

Check out 10 signs that’ll let you know you need to call someone to come perform foundation crack repair.

1. Cracks Appearing in the Walls Inside Your Home

If you have one or two small cracks in a wall inside your home, that might not be anything that you need to worry about. It’s not out of the ordinary for foundations to shift ever so slightly over the years and cause very minor cracks.

However, if you have numerous cracks in the walls in your home, there’s a good chance your house is shifting way more than it should due to your foundation. You’ll need to have foundation repair done immediately in most cases to remedy the problem.

2. Gaps Showing Up in Between Your Ceiling and Crown Molding

Do you have crown molding around the tops of some of the rooms in your home?

That crown should sit flush with your ceiling. There shouldn’t be a gap between the two.

If there is, it might mean your crown molding wasn’t installed properly in the first place. But it might also mean that a problem with your foundation has caused your home to shift and resulted in these kinds of gaps forming.

3. Gaps in Between Caulk and Your Windows and Doors

Gaps will start to show up in lots of other places besides just between your ceiling and crown molding if you have a foundation issue. You’ll also see gaps start to pop up in between the caulk placed around your windows and doors and the windows and doors themselves.

Outside of indicating a problem with your home’s foundation, these gaps can also drag down the energy efficiency of your home. They’ll often allow air to pass freely from outside into your home and vice versa. They might also invite moisture into your home.

4. Windows and Doors Failing to Open and Close Easily

Do you have a hard time opening and closing the windows and doors in your home?

This might start to happen once your windows and doors get to be on the older side. They won’t work as easily as they once did.

But if your windows and doors are still relatively new, your foundation could be the reason they’re not opening and closing without a problem. Windows and doors will often start to stick when your foundation shifts too much.

5. Creases Forming in Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper is starting to turn into a trend among homeowners again. More and more of them are finding ways to incorporate wallpaper into their homes.

If you have wallpaper installed and there are creases forming in it, it doesn’t always mean the installers didn’t do a good job putting it up. It could be a sign that you’re in desperate need of foundation repair.

6. Floors Sloping Significantly More Than They Should

The floors in your home may slope a little bit due to your foundation shifting over time. But they shouldn’t slope to a point where you can visually see the sloping occurring.

Once it hits that point, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to need to have foundation repair done as quickly as you can. Otherwise, the floors are going to continue to slope and get worse.

7. Floors Sinking on Your Ground Level

There are some instances in which a home’s foundation will actually start to sink down into the ground. When this takes place, the floors on your home’s ground level will sink right along with it.

This is one of the most serious issues involving a foundation and should be addressed right away to stop a home from sinking more than it already has.

8. Walls Bowing Inside Your Basement

Do the walls in your basement appear as though they’re going to cave in?

The soil surrounding your home’s foundation might be pushing it in and causing your basement walls to bow. The problem will be especially bad when the soil surrounding your foundation is wet.

If you don’t take care of this problem, your entire foundation could eventually end up caving in on your basement and make your home structurally unsound.

9. Patio or Deck Pulling Away from Your Home

A patio or deck needs to be attached to your home properly for it to be safe. If it’s not attached, it could collapse at any moment.

If you see your patio or deck pulling away from your home, it could indicate an issue with the patio or deck itself. But your foundation could also be making it impossible for your patio or deck to remain attached to your house.

10. Cracks in Your Foundation Growing Out of Control

Angular cracks in your foundation will show up every now and then. They’re not usually a huge cause for concern.

But if you see any cracks start to appear in your foundation on either the inside or outside of your home, it never hurts to have a professional come take a look. It could help you avoid the need for serious foundation repair later.

Seek Foundation Repair If You Notice Any of These Signs

The longer you allow a problem with your home’s foundation to linger around, the more work you’re going to need to have done to it later.

At the first sign of foundation trouble, call on a contractor to set you up with foundation repair services. It’ll keep your home’s foundation strong and prevent you from having to make more costly repairs down the line.

If you’re experiencing or suspect you have a foundation leak, feel free to call us right away to schedule foundation crack repair.

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